There are many resources available to assist those in need and to support the work of our Catholic community to serve in charity and to act for justice, both at the diocesan level as well as at your local parish. Please contact your local parish or one of the diocesan outreach ministries for assistance. We look forward to working with you in our shared mission as we live our lives together as the Body of Christ.

To assist the priest during the various liturgical functions and/or assist at funeral liturgies.

To be present 15 minutes prior to at the assigned weekend liturgy
To be alert and ready to serve the priest during the liturgy

Abilities/Skills/Gifts Needed
Ability to learn the procedures of serving
To have a pleasant and friendly disposition

Amount of time required:
One hour about once per month


To take a more active role during the liturgy

Contact Nives Davies at 519-471-7022 for more information.


Focus: To bring the Body & Blood of Christ to those who are ill in our community.

To bring the Eucharist to our homebound parishioners

Abilities/Skills/Gifts Needed
Good faith role model for adults and children
Good communication skills
Pleasant personality

Length of Commitment 
2 year

Amount of Time Required
Approximately 1 hour per week

Orientation & Preparation
There is a practice session

To know that you are performing a valuable service to the community
Ability to connect with the community on a one-to-one basis by bringing communion into the homes


To assure that the Word of God is proclaimed with reverence and meaning.

To be willing to be trained in proclaiming the Word of God.
To spend time preparing each reading.
To be present at least 10-15 minutes prior to the beginning of the liturgy.

Abilities/Skills/Gifts Needed
Good leadership and communication skills.
An understanding of the scriptures being proclaimed.
Have good reading skills. Good public speaking.

Length of Commitment
2 years

Amount of Time Required
The amount of time required to prepare for the reading.
Regular presence at the liturgies.

Orientation & Preparation
An orientation meeting & training.

The opportunity to share God’s Word with others.
Personal faith development.
The entire community will benefit from hearing scripture that is well prepared.


To provide leadership during the liturgies.

To be a welcoming presence to all parishioners and visitors as they arrive at the liturgy.
To direct and accompany parishioners to their places.
To assist the parishioners with directions and information.
To take up offertory collection and hand out bulletins.

Abilities/Skills/Gifts Needed
Good leadership and communication skills. Congeniality and a friendly disposition.

Length of Commitment

The entire community will benefit from the easy flow of the liturgies.


Choir members minister to Christ’s presence in our parish community through the musical prayer at liturgical celebrations.

To learn and/or review the musical selections with the other members of the choir (Traditional Choir, or Contemporary Choir)
To be present at weekend liturgies

Abilities/Skills/Gifts Needed
Musical skills and possibly the ability to play a musical instrument and read music
Pleasant personality and good communication skills
Good listening skills

Length of Commitment

Amount of Time Required
Choir rehearsal–weekly
Presence at one of the weekend liturgies & major feasts (Christmas, Holy Week, Easter)

Orientation & Preparation
By the music coordinator

The opportunity to share the gift of song and prayer
The opportunity to enrich the lives of the community
Personal faith development

For more information on specific choirs, see below

Contemporary Choir
The choir alternates between the 9:00 a.m. and the 11:00 a.m. mass. Contact Parish Office 519-471-7022

4-Part Choir
This choir alternates between the 9:00 a.m. and the 11:00 a.m. mass. This choir meets at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays. Contact Parish Office 519-471-7022

5:15 p.m. Choir
This choir sings at the Saturday afternoon 5:15 p.m. Mass. Practice begins at 4:30 p.m. prior to the mass. Contact Parish Office 519-471-7022


This in an outreach ministry that combines the gift of prayer with the gift of a hand-tied quilt. Our motto is “It’s not about the quilt, it’s about the prayers.”

What is a prayer quilt?

Can you touch a prayer? Can you pull it close and feel its comfort? You can if it is part of a prayer quilt. The idea behind these quilts is simple, yet powerful. A heavy thread is used to take stitches through the quilt layers, and the ends are left free to be tied. As each knot is tied, a silent prayer is offered for someone in need of prayers. All are invited to offer a prayer and tie a knot. The quilt is then given to the person. What makes each quilt so special is not the pattern, colour or workmanship, but the fact that prayer is symbolically tied into each one and is a tangible reminder of the many said prayers. These comforters are a symbol of faith and a testimony to our belief in God and in the power of prayer.

Who can receive a prayer quilt?

A prayer quilt may be requested for anyone, living anywhere, you feel may be in need of prayers, i.e. sickness, awaiting surgery, cancer patients, personal crisis, etc.

How can I request a prayer quilt?

The person for whom the quilt is being requested must be asked if they are open to receiving the prayers and for what they would like our community to pray, i.e. acceptance of God’s will, strength, prayers for their family, healing, a cure, etc. Permission to disclose information should we be asked. Anonymity is optional. Once the above requirements have been met, contact the member listed at the end of this document and she will take down the information and present it to the group at the next meeting.

Is there a price for a prayer quilt?

We do not accept any form of payment for a prayer quilt. It is a gift of love and prayer that cannot be bought or sold. There should be no feeling of obligation to Prayers and Squares in any way. Our prayer quilt ministry works on their own budget. Free will offerings for needed supplies are graciously accepted at any time. We would also welcome donations of fabric, thread and needles. Members of our Prayers and Squares ministry are pleased to be able to give their time in the making of the quilts in the hope that the recipients will receive comfort both spiritually and physically from the prayers represented by the quilts.

Would you like to learn more about our Ministry?

Quilt tops are sewn together in our homes by members of our group and we gather together to sandwich and thread the quilts. We are always looking for people to join our group. You don’t have to be a quilter. We need people to put ties through the quilt layers and whip stitch batting pieces together. We would appreciate the help of anyone who is able to machine sew a 1/4 inch seam. We will provide the fabric and even cut the strips for you to sew together. If you hand sew, you could help with our bindings.

For more information or to request a quilt, contact: Dianne Kehoe 519-433-4605 or e-mail


Bursary application: Deadline is July 15, 2021

Choose the format option you wish to work with:

1)    Go to the CWL Bursary Form to fill in the application online
2)    CWL Bursary Application form in pdf format   2021 CWL Bursary Application
3)    Email for Word 2010 CWL Application Form

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada is a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God.

To pray for members, their families, our community, country, world
To explore and be aware of societal issues and let your voice be heard at all government levels
To volunteer within the parish and community
To attend monthly meetings.

Abilities/Skills/Gifts Needed
A desire to fulfill your baptismal promise to love and serve the Lord.

Amount of Time Required
Time to pray
Any amount of available time to volunteer
2 hours per month to attend meeting

A sense of belonging; help create a better world; receive grace; share friendship.

2021 CWL Bursary Application

Visit the CWL website at


To bring Christian, Catholic men together to help build a stronger community of faith and practical reality

Fulfilling the Ten Commandments, the Precepts of the Church, caring and loving oneself, family, community, country, and world
Attend monthly meeting; assist in parish events

Abilities/Skills/Gifts Needed
Being yourself
Be willing to share the many gifts God gave you

Length of Commitment
Lifetime would be ideal but you choose your level of involvement depending on your own personal, work and family responsibilities

Amount of Time Required
Only as much time as is suitable and convenient for you

New friends; some new challenges; new joys and rewards

Knights In Action Newsletter

Welcome to “Knights in Action”. We hope you find it both informative and interesting.  It is also designed to keep you abreast of important activities occurring within our Council and Parish

Articles for inclusion in the Knights In Action newsletter may be forwarded to Bro. Tony Nother at:

Click the link below for the latest (or past) edition;

Link to Ontario Knights of Columbus


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conference at St John the Divine

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conference at St John the Divine was started in the early 70’s and it has been a strong ministry at St. John the Divine ever since.

A few members of this Parish including Vince McLachlan and Byron Ducharme recognized the needs of the poor right in this immediate area. Many members of this Conference have been involved for 20 years, 30 years and, like Vince and Byron, involved for more than 40 years.

The area served is bordered by Springbank Road – Southdale Road – Wharncliffe Road – Wonderland Road.

The work is direct, one-to-one interaction with those needing help – no matter what their origin or belief.

In 2012 there were 950 food and Christmas hampers prepared and delivered as well as making arrangements for much needed clothing and furnishings though the London Society of St. Vincent de Paul Store to provide.

Other 2012 support included funding 10 area kids to attend St Vincent de Paul Camp near Bothwell.

If you wish to become more directly involved with the Society of St Vincent de Paul, you are welcomed and encouraged to do so. If you become more involved – wonderful – it is very gratifying work. Just call the Parish office for the day and time of the next meeting .

The history worldwide and in Canada


The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul figures prominently among those apostolic institutions which owe their beginnings to the free decisions of lay people.

It is an international lay organization, founded in Paris in 1833 by Frederic Ozanam and his friends. A Catholic Society, it is open to all those who desire to live their faith in love and service of their neighbour.

Under the patronage of Saint Vincent de Paul, it draws its inspiration from his thoughts and his works. Members strive, in a spirit of justice, charity, mutual help, and solidarity with the poor, and by personal commitment, to ease the hardships of those who suffer.


Frederic Ozanam was born on April 23, 1813 in Milan.

In 1815 the Ozanam family moved to Lyon where the father had secured a position in the Hotel-Dieu hospital.

As a twenty-year old university student, Ozanam was profoundly Christian and pursued his studies assiduously, attending all the lectures of the history conference where literature and philosophy were given equal appreciation.

In 1822, Frederic began his classical studies and in 1831 he enters Sorbonne to study law. He married and was soon established both as a family man and as a successful professor at the Sorbonne. In Paris he was haunted by the misery of the poor, and his dream was to see harmony among social classes. He campaigned for justice and charity. His faith enabled him to see Christ in the poor, and in the evening of his life, he repeated very clearly: “Our aim is to keep the faith and to spread it among others by means of charity.”

In 1833, anxious to respond to the attacks formulated by his colleagues – followers of Saint-Simon – Ozanam and some of his friends founded the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Ozanam was encouraged by the revered Joseph Emmanuel Bailly de Surcy, founder and former director of the “Societe des Bonnes Etudes” (society for good studies). Ozanam made a pact with his friends to follow their lead, but “to help the poor materially, and after a certain time, perhaps to help them to return to the practice of religion.”

The first meeting of the new Society was held April 23, 1833.


The first Conference of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Canada was founded by Doctor Joseph Painchaud In 1846, in Quebec city.

During this period in Quebec, the members did not have far to look for needs that must be met. The most serious were the epidemics that broke out in the city from the waves of immigrants. To this were added the frequent economic depressions which called for the establishment of savings banks or banking co-ops to encourage the poor to save money. Two such were founded at that time.

In 1848, a few days after the foundation of the Society in Montreal, the members visited a prison and immediately afterwards prepared a report for the government on reforms that they considered should be introduced into the management of the prison.

Throughout its history, the Society has always been able to adapt to new needs and has developed programs, either permanent or temporary, to assist families; to aid the poor; to help drifters and derelicts, the homeless the elderly and the orphans.

Today Canada has over 1000 conferences, 95 particular councils, 13 central councils, as well as 5 regional councils: BC & Yukon – West – Ontario – Quebec – Atlantic. The poor can count on receiving help from more than 13,000 members, thus helping more than 500,000 people in need, from sea to sea, across Canada.


By the end of 1835 there were two hundred and fifty members in the Society. It seemed about time to provide the Society with the rules of a regular organization. The revered Mr. Bailly at the same time, determined to give the Society a written rule. He assigned M. Lallier to draft a rule, reserving for himself some preliminary reflections.

This rule, amended at different periods, has been and is still today the guide for the Society. The latest revisions were made in 1968 to produce an experimental document to last five years, a preliminary step to its approval in Dublin (Ireland). It was later replaced by a new Rule in 2003, in Rome. Following the adoption of the latest new international Rule, Canada’s Rule and statutes were revised in depth, for the benefit of Canadian Vincentians. In June 2006, at the General Assembly of the National Council in St. John’s, Newfoundland, a new version of the Rule and statutes was presented to the members, who voted in favour of its adoption. The Rule and statutes were then sent to the Council General International, who ratified them in turn, on June 8, 2008. It is highly recommended that each member of the Society make it his or her duty not only to read the Rule and its commentaries but to study it and be inspired by it.

The RULE is available at: (It is 184 pages!)

Contact Mike Chretien for more information


10th Great Latin Night

Fundraiser for the Children & Youth of Choco, Colombia

Join us for a wonderful evening on Saturday, February 22nd, 7 pm, in the Parish Hall here at St. John the Divine, 390 Base Line Road West, London. Included is a delicious, full course meal and entertainment provided by Randy Grey (Country, Rock n Roll & Sinatra), Ritmo y Café; Colombian Folklorique Ballet, and for dancing there will be a Latino DJ. Tickets: Adults $25, Children under 12 $15. Tickets available this weekend after all Masses in the Narthex, or by calling Ted 226-374-3633. Help Us To Keep The Learning Going!!!