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Bishop Fabbro’s COVID-19 Update for May 26, 2020 is available here.  The text of the update is also included below and it will be posted on the diocesan website.
Dear Freinds,
This letter (here in English and French ) announces a novena from May 22 until May 30 to bring to a conclusion our Year of Prayer.  I  invite you to enter into these nine days of prayer in preparation for Pentecost. The links to the prayer are here in English and French.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
+Bishop Fabbro


From: Fr.Don Pumputis

A message to my St John the Divine Family,

Join Fr Danny and me for Friday’s Divine Inspired on the St John the Divine YouTube channel. just click HERE at 10:00 on Friday’s and I invite you to send in your questions, comments, and your stories so I can share with everyone next  Divine Inspired. (Just click on and it will open an email that you can send to me.)

Lectio Divina.

In a recent Divine Inspired, we talked about Lectio Divina and I have since been asked for further explanation. Please click on Lectio Divina which should address any questions you may have

Tuesday Morning Prayer Service

 Deacon Don St.Onge is now leading us on Tuesday mornings at 11 am with a prayer service on the St John the Divine YouTube Channel.  Just click onto the regular St John the Divine YouTube Channel Link on Tuesday at 11:00 (HERE)

Weekly Bulletins Available

We continue to produce weekly bulletins though I can tell you our printing costs have been reduced! If you are not receiving the bulletin by email, let’s change that right now! Just click HERE for a short subscription form and then you will automatically receive the weekly bulletin by email.

  • Sunday Mass

The May schedule is included below.

  • The Balance of May 2020 Schedule of Live Streams

This is the St John the Divine YouTube Chanel schedule of live streams for May which you can access at the times shown or anytime later by clicking HERE)

Friday, May 22, 10:00 AM:         Divine Inspired, A conversation with Fr Don & Fr Danny

Sunday, May 24, 11:00 AM:      Mass, Ascension / The Seventh Sunday of Easter

Tuesday, May 26, 11:00 AM:      Prayer with Deacon Don St.Onge

Wednesday, May 27, 11:00 AM: The Eucharistic Adoration immediately followed by Liturgy of the Word and Mass at 12:00

Friday, May 29, 10:00 AM:         Divine Inspired, A conversation with Fr Don & Fr Danny

Sunday, May 31, 11:00:      Mass, Pentecost Sunday

I look forward and pray for the time when we can be together again in celebration of worship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Again be assured of my prayers and our Bishop’s. We will get through this together through the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

Yours in Christ,

Fr.Don Pumputis



…from Bishop Fabbro

May 7, 2020

Dear friends,

The following are two ‘clickable’ letters that I invite you to review.

A  Letter Announcing Changes_Families of Parishes in London and Lucan

A letter with the List of New Families of Parishes_London and Lucan

With the announcement of these changes, I encourage each of your Families of Parishes to have preliminary discussions among the members of your Family, particularly with parish leadership. This is a time to get to know the parishes and Catholic communities in your Family and even to collaborate on a project together. The coronavirus pandemic will, of course, limit what you can do. The discussions you have, for example, will have to occur through electronic means.

These conversations with the other members of your Family will help to prepare for the activation of your Family of Parishes. It is important to point out that this is not the time to change Mass times or to make other structural changes.

The plan is that the activation of your Family of Parishes will be announced in 2021 or in 2022.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

+Bishop Fabbro

Bishop Fabbro’s COVID-19 Update for May 26, 2020 is available here.  The text of the update is also included below and it will be posted on the diocesan website.

COVID-19 Update #9

At the weekly teleconference with the Episcopal Council, we discussed the extension of the

COVID-19 lockdown. I direct the following be communicated to all people of the Diocese:

1.    Continuation of the Lockdown

We continue to follow strictly the direction of the Government of Ontario and local health authorities as to when the lockdown will be lifted. With other dioceses in Ontario, we are awaiting guidelines being prepared under the auspices of the Bishops of Ontario to safely reopen our churches. These guidelines will then be implemented at the diocesan level. We are mindful that preparations for the return to celebrations of the Mass and sacraments will take a great deal of organization and work, in order to maintain a healthy environment to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

In light of the above, our churches will remain closed at least until the end of June. If the government’s emergency orders are lifted sooner, we will adjust accordingly.

2.    Cancellation of Summer Gatherings

All social and other religious events normally held during the summer months will be cancelled, at least until Labour Day. This directive is contingent on governmental directions as noted above. It includes parish dinners and picnics; yard sales and bazaars; and national religious festivals and pilgrimages.

We continue to pray for an end to the pandemic, for all who suffer illness, for those who care for them and provide essential services, for those who have died and for those who have lost loved ones. May Our Blessed Mother continue to intercede for us, for God’s mercy and deliverance.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Rev. Ronald P. Fabbro, C.S.B.

Bishop of London

COVID-19  Update #8


May 21, 2020

A printable PDF of this update is available here.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As many of us have heard, churches in other parts of the world are reopening for services as COVID-19 restrictions begin to be lifted. In the Diocese of London, we cannot reopen at this time as gatherings of more than five people are still not permitted under the provincial government’s emergency orders.

All of us are longing to return to our churches. I certainly am looking forward to that day when we will be able to gather and celebrate in our parish communities.

I want you to know that I am currently working with the other bishops of Ontario to coordinate plans for the safe return to our churches. Our foremost concern is the health of our parishioners and we know, if we work together with others in our communities to fight the spread of the coronavirus, we will once again be able to celebrate the sacraments safely.

Following these deliberations with the Ontario bishops, I intend to issue directives for the Diocese of London. These directives will provide all our parishes with clear instructions about how to reopen our churches as well as any changes required for the celebration of the Mass and the other sacraments, including the Sacrament of Penance.

If you are concerned about access to confession, please remember that Pope Francis granted the faithful a plenary indulgence during the pandemic and, though you are unable to confess to a priest, you can express your contrition directly to God and receive forgiveness.

I know that alternative celebrations are being offered in different places, such as parking lot Masses, Eucharistic adoration, drive-through confessions and Rosary rallies. The Diocese of London does not endorse these as necessary at this time or good liturgical practice. Instead, I encourage you to continue to take advantage of alternatives such as online Masses and prayers. There are many helpful links on the outreach page of the diocesan website

For now, our churches will remain closed until we can open them in cooperation with provincial and local officers of health.

I want to assure you of my prayers for your well-being. Through the intercession of Mary, may God bring an end to the pandemic; may you experience the merciful presence of Christ; may we soon be able to gather again in our churches to be nourished by the Eucharist.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Ronald P. Fabbro, C.S.B.
Bishop of London

Most Rev. Ronald P. Fabbro, C.S.B.
Bishop of London

Below is a prayer composed by the bishop and his diocesan team that I want to share with you.

 A Prayer in Time of Pandemic 

Look upon your flock, kind Shepherd. 

Though bowed down by our human frailty 

in the dark valley of this pandemic, 

we fear no evil, for you are with us, 

you hear us, and you comfort us. 

Grace with the wisdom of your Spirit 

political and religious leaders 

helping us. 

Guide with strength health care workers 

aiding the sick and dying. 

Give consolation to families and friends 

suffering with loved ones. 

Grant courage to all – from first responders 

to those who put food on our tables – 

providing essential services and the necessities of life. 

In this time of darkness and uncertainty, O God, 

may we be beacons of your goodness and mercy 

to all in need. 

Through Christ, our Lord. Amen. 

Yours in Christ,

Fr Don

Be with each other even with social distancing

During our time of social isolation, we all miss connecting with each other. While we can’t physically visit, we can enjoy time with each other at St John the Divine Photo Galley, reliving the events we have enjoyed over the last 5 years. This includes the most recent event, The Great Latin Night! Click HERE


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There are many resources available to assist those in need and to support the work of our Catholic community to serve in charity and to act for justice, both at the diocesan level as well as at your local parish. Please contact your local parish or one of the diocesan outreach ministries for assistance. We look forward to working with you in our shared mission as we live our lives together as the Body of Christ.


Sacraments are celebrations of special moments of encounter between God and human beings. They are not, obviously, the only occasions when human beings consciously respond to God who is forever offering His love and friendship, but they are times when, the Catholic Church teaches, a person’s relationship with God is assuredly initiated or deepened or strengthened or healed.


Youth Ministry is the response of the Christian Community to the needs of young people fostering their development as Catholic Christians and drawing them into responsible participation in the life, mission and ministry of the Church

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Our family is one that recognizes the importance of prayer in all that we do. Prayer is the common bond that we share as a family, regardless of our language, age or geographic location. From the child praying before bed to the prayer group at the parish, our family of faith continues to pray for those in our community and those around the world.

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