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Welcome and Thank You for Visiting the St John the Divine Website. 

We are making every effort to keep this website up-to-date with the latest information as we make our way through these challenging times. Please check back regularly for updates.

The information below includes our schedule for Masses which are open to all and please, rest assured, we do follow the strict protocols as outlined by the Diocese.

There is room for more to attend mass in person so please consider coming. However,  if you are still not yet comfortable coming to church, we encourage you to join us as we continue to Live Stream Mass on our YouTube Channel (click HERE).

Here is the new schedule for open Mass services at St John the Divine

This schedule will be updated when further restrictions are lifted.

Weekend Weekday
Saturday – 5:15 pm

Sunday – 9:00 am

Sunday – 11:00 am


Tuesday – 7:00 pm

Wednesday – 12 Noon (with 11 am Adoration)

Thursday – 8:30 am

Friday – 8:30 am

Watch Online  

We will continue to live stream the Sunday Mass through the St John the Divine YouTube channel at 9:00 on Sunday. Simply click HERE  to watch the Mass online.

October 26, 2020  


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to put our “Book of Life” out for parishioners to write the names of their deceased loved ones, during the month of November. For this year, please contact the Parish Office at 519-471-7022 or and we will be pleased to write the names of your loved ones in our “Book of Life”. We will pray for all of our departed loved ones during the month of November.

Volunteers Needed!

A specific number of Screeners, sanitizers, ushers are needed for each mass in accordance with the protocols set forth by the Diocese. If there are not enough volunteers the public masses will need to be cancelled.Fr Don will then only have a private mass.

If you are able to volunteer, please call the Parish Office 519-471-7022.     _____________________________________________________________

Should you ever receive a questionable e-mail from Fr. Don, please DO NOT OPEN IT, but instead forward it to Fr. Don at It is most likely a spam e-mail. He will forward it to the Diocese’s I.T. department.


Catholic Women’s League 2020 Bursaries Awarded

Every year the CWL awards 2 Bursaries worth $750 each to 2 students from the parish who are starting their post secondary education. Students who apply are measured on their commitment and involvement to parish, school and community activities. Every year we are amazed at the spiritual commitment of the young people of our parish.

This year the Jenna Goldsack and Alice Corneil showed great depth of commitment. They will be outstanding ambassadors of the St John the Divine community at the University of Windsor and Kings College, Western University.


July 21, 2020

Questions have been raised by parishioners who wish to attend Mass at a church under the direction of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). Is it legitimate to go to Mass there? May we receive Holy Communion at their Mass? In short, the answer to these two questions is ‘no’.

SSPX is a group that broke away from the Catholic Church in 1988 when Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre illicitly ordained four men as bishops without the approval of the Holy Father at the time, St. John Paul II. The schism, essentially doctrinal in nature, was over questions mostly about the legitimacy of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and its directives.  In 2009, Pope Emeritus Benedict stated that the Society has “no canonical status in the Church and its ministers cannot legitimately exercise any ministry.”

While SSPX has much in common with Catholic teaching, SSPX itself is not in communion with the Holy Father or the local Catholic bishops. A conscientious Catholic should not knowingly attend a Mass celebrated by a priest of SSPX since the priest is not in good standing with the Church.  If no other celebrations of the Eucharist are available (including those of the Eastern Catholic Church), Roman Catholics might visit a Mass of the SSPX but not take part in any of the sacraments celebrated there.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or call the Parish Office 519-471-7022.

Fr. Don

Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ,

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you and with your family. This weekend at St. John the Divine Parish we experienced our first Sunday Mass since the temporary suspension of public Masses in our diocese due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This Mass appeared a bit different than what we are used to: there was no music or singing of any kind, and seating was according to social distancing. We also had a number of volunteers, making sure our parish is following the protocols, and directives that the diocese has stipulated. Overall I have to say, it was a beautiful witness of Faith. Though we were small in number, due to social distance requirements, the people of God experienced the joy of participating in the Mass and being able to receive the Eucharist.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people that made this possible. Our volunteers who stepped up into the breach, and a special thanks to Brian, Bridget, Nives, and Pam who not only helped to keep our parishes spiritually uplifted during this pandemic but also helped with the re-opening of our Church. Thank You!

On behalf of the parish team, we invite you to come back to Mass if you are able to attend. If there is a serious medical condition, if you are elderly, if you are worried or anxious, or there have any other reasons why you can’t join us physically, we understand. Our Bishop has dispensed us from our Sunday obligation until the First Sunday of Advent, which means you have been spiritually looked after. You can also continue to watch our streaming of Mass found on our website at

For those of you who are open to attend, what you will find is a church that is ready to receive you – you do not have to register online or book a spot over the phone, we at St. John the Divine have a first come first serve policy. Please just come and be patient as you line up, and our volunteers receive you at the front doors. You will be asked some basic questions and then be ushered to your seat. It will feel a bit different, but at the same time, it will feel remarkably familiar because the Lord is with us especially in the Eucharist. This is Christ’s real presence for us. If you are finding life burdensome; come to the oasis of your Faith, come to meet the one who refreshes us, and brings us to calm waters.

For the time being, confessions are by appointment only. They will not occur before Mass, as they have before.

There will be no Holy Water in the font. If you need Holy Water, please call the Parish Office and I will be happy to bless some for you. The votive candles at the back of the Church will be unavailable. The family washroom will be open for emergencies only. The crying room upstairs will be closed. During the Mass, there will be no singing of music for the time being, and no bulletins will be available. After the Mass, you will be asked to leave in an orderly fashion maintaining social distance as best as possible. Please, no gatherings are to occur in the church or outside of the church (i.e. parking lot).

At the end of Mass, our volunteers will ensure the Church is properly sanitized, as we take this seriously as St. John the Divine Parish. Thanks to a generous donator, as we purchased a disinfectant fogger, which disinfects all surfaces in a matter of seconds and dries within minutes. The chemical that is used in the Church is all-natural and requires no masks or gloves and its breathable. This is sprayed after each individual Mass and allows our worship space to be properly sanitized. We as a parish team have put all of our efforts into re-opening our parish because we love the Lord with all our hearts, souls and minds, and our neighbours as ourselves. May the peace of Christ be with all of you, and for those of you who are going to be entering the doors of St. John the Divine in the following weeks we say Welcome Home!

Yours in Christ,

Fr.Don Pumputis


Weekly Bulletins Available

We continue to produce weekly bulletins though I can tell you our printing costs have been reduced! If you are not receiving the bulletin by email, let’s change that right now! Just click HERE for a short subscription form and then you will automatically receive the weekly bulletin by email.


Family of Parishes News

…from Bishop Fabbro

May 7, 2020

Dear friends,

The following are two ‘clickable’ letters from Bishop Fabro

A  Letter Announcing Changes_Families of Parishes in London and Lucan

A letter with the List of New Families of Parishes_London and Lucan

You are encouraged that each of your Families of Parishes have preliminary discussions among the members of your Family, particularly with parish leadership. This is a time to get to know the parishes and Catholic communities in your Family and even to collaborate on a project together. The coronavirus pandemic will, of course, limit what you can do. The discussions you have, for example, will have to occur through electronic means.

These conversations with the other members of your Family will help to prepare for the activation of your Family of Parishes. It is important to point out that this is not the time to change Mass times or to make other structural changes.

The plan is that the activation of your Family of Parishes will be announced in 2021 or in 2022.


Do you want to be notified of St John the Divine News by email?

If you did not receive an email with the above information, please contact Pam at the office by email (click HERE) or by phone (519-471-7022) with your name and email address to be included in future St John the Divine email notifications. You will then be included on the new master list which will only be used for important notices from the church and only at the direction of Father Don. 


A Prayer in Time of Pandemic

Look upon your flock, kind Shepherd.

Though bowed down by our human frailty

in the dark valley of this pandemic,

we fear no evil, for you are with us,

you hear us, and you comfort us.

Grace with the wisdom of your Spirit

political and religious leaders

helping us.

Guide with strength health care workers

aiding the sick and dying.

Give consolation to families and friends

suffering with loved ones.

Grant courage to all – from first responders

to those who put food on our tables –

providing essential services and the necessities of life.

In this time of darkness and uncertainty, O God,

may we be beacons of your goodness and mercy

to all in need.

Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Yours in Christ,

Fr Don

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With the Parish Office is closed; If you wish to see speak to a team member or have another emergency, please call 519-471-7022 and leave a message.

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There are many resources available to assist those in need and to support the work of our Catholic community to serve in charity and to act for justice, both at the diocesan level as well as at your local parish. Please contact your local parish or one of the diocesan outreach ministries for assistance. We look forward to working with you in our shared mission as we live our lives together as the Body of Christ.


Sacraments are celebrations of special moments of encounter between God and human beings. They are not, obviously, the only occasions when human beings consciously respond to God who is forever offering His love and friendship, but they are times when, the Catholic Church teaches, a person’s relationship with God is assuredly initiated or deepened or strengthened or healed.


Youth Ministry is the response of the Christian Community to the needs of young people fostering their development as Catholic Christians and drawing them into responsible participation in the life, mission and ministry of the Church

Prayer & worship


Our family is one that recognizes the importance of prayer in all that we do. Prayer is the common bond that we share as a family, regardless of our language, age or geographic location. From the child praying before bed to the prayer group at the parish, our family of faith continues to pray for those in our community and those around the world.

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